Thai people seeking to wed a Western gentleman

Cross-border marriages between women from poor regions of asia and people from wealthier nations have become a hot topic of research over the past few decades. Both as an imaginable, culturally scripted aspiration for upward mobility and as a practical means of escaping poverty ( Jongwilaiwan and Thomson 2013, Aoyama 2009, Sunanta and Angeles 2013 ), the scope of these partnerships and the families reliant on them in Thailand are significant.

For many women, choosing to wed a American man is motivated more by practical issues than by romance aspirations. Many of the women who were questioned are widowed or divorced, or they have children from previous connections. These women are under force from their lengthened networks and family to act as a “dutiful daughter” and provide financial support for older relatives through remittances or unplanned physician costs. Additionally, they have difficulty finding work in their agrarian populations.

It is understandable why the idea of a powerful spouse would appeal in these situations. Some women view dating a Western person as an opportunity to practice speaking English and learn about the West’s lifestyle, which they see as present and progressive. Some yet use dating websites to find a partner, and they may also want to discover their unique physical ability with men who come from different backgrounds than they do.

In Isaan county, Thailand, interviews were conducted with girls from various social backgrounds who had decided to time or wed a Western man. The semi-structured interviews asked questions about a woman’s choice to date or wed an American man, her aspirations for her coming with him, and how their partnership has evolved over time. Using life-course evaluation and functionalism, interpretive social science methods were used to analyze the interviews.

Girls frequently choose to wed European men because they believe them to be wealthy, which is one of their key justifications. Girls frequently think that American men are rich because they work hard, own their own houses, and drive their cars. Additionally, they frequently associate Western gentlemen with being well-educated, courteous of women’s rights and viewpoints, and considerate of close friends and family.

Some people even cite a desire to become more educated about other cultures as well as the need to lead content, secure lives as mothers and wives. Other females cited the potential for travel, new activities, and access to better care as reasons to look for a spouse in the west.

For some girls, a sense of national pride is likewise connected to the allure of Eastern men. Chinese women view Western men as a representation of their nation’s power and success, much like Japanese women did during World war ii who admired American electricity. Another example of this trend is the recognition of “mail- get bride” companies, which list the names, images, and biographies of women looking for husbands. Due to the alleged adverse social effects of such unions, some governments have been forced to outlaw these organizations.