Twitch Bots: 8 Great Chatbots to Upgrade Your Twitch Stream Level

While in the «Special features» menu, activate the toggle button for «Song requests» to turn the feature on. Demonstrated commands take recourse of $readapi function. This will display the song information, direct link, and the requester names for both the current as well as a queued song on YouTube. All you need to simply log in to any of the above streaming platforms.

  • Moobot claims to be present on streams that account for over 60% of Twitch’s total viewership, making it the most prominent bot on the site.
  • Every Twitch Bot comes with a unique set of features and USPs.
  • However, during livestreams that have more than 10 viewers, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right people for a joint gaming session.
  • Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when right-clicking your Chatbot Shortcut.
  • Simply put – there is no bad time to get a bot, but it doesn’t hurt to start with the best means available to you.
  • But this function can also be used for other events.

With a few clicks, the winners can be determined automatically generated, so that it comes to a fair draw. When requesting songs you have to provide the start and end playback position when using the «! SongList» chat command links a public page where your viewers can see all the queued requests. CurrentSong» chat command displays in Twitch chat which song is playing through the song-player widget. You can blacklist certain words used in a song request’s title by adding it to the «Song title filtering» input in the filtering menu.

Your Stream, Simplified

You can of course change the type of counter and the command as the situation requires. Twitch is undoubtedly the largest video distribution system available in the world. In this age of online streamers and content providers, Twitch has created a strong reputation for itself. It is not just another video streaming service; it offers a wide range of other powerful features. It provides, data storage system, video encoding, internal tooling and system and a lot more. Needless to say, it offers client applications on a wide range of platforms including console and mobile.


If the stream is not live, it will return OFFLINE. He loves sharing his Marketing background in the world of streaming. When he’s not working on campaigns he’s likely to be spotted in Verdansk. Queue Length – This is the maximum amount of songs that can be stored in the queue. Make sure you go ahead and Mod Night by typing /mod night bot in your chat.

!Volume chat command – See and/or set the song volume​

Streamlabs chatbot will tag both users in the response. Here you have a great overview of all users who are currently participating in the livestream and have ever watched. You can also see how long they’ve been watching, what rank they have, and make additional settings in that regard.


You can change this in the «Request failed due to max requests from the user in this session» response of the «! Your viewers can now request their songs through the «! If you’re streaming through Xbox and PlayStation, see the section for song requests when streaming on Xbox and PlayStation. Twitch Song Requests – Everything You Need To Know 7Want access to 30,000 tracks of royalty-free music in over a dozen genres? The platform adds works with artists and composers to add new music every single week so you never have to worry about growing bored with your current playlist. The platform also offers a free 30 day trial so that you can experience their music first hand with your audience.

Easy Guide

You can enable your Twitch mods to use this chat command by activating the «Can be used by Twitch chat moderators» checkbox in the chat command’s edit-menu. NextSong» chat command displays in Twitch chat which song is playing next. While in the commands menu, activate the toggle button on the right side of the chat command you want to activate. To adjust the maximum playback duration of a song request, adjust the «Max length of song» input in the filtering menu. You can view and adjust the full queue of requested songs in the «Primary playlist» menu.

Moobot’s integration with YouTube makes it very simple for your viewers to add their requests, as most viewers on Twitch are already familiar with YouTube. Similar to the above one, these commands also make use of Ankhbot’s $readapi function, however, these commands are exhibited for other services, not for Twitch. This will display all the channels that are currently hosting your channel. Below are the most commonly used commands that are being used by other streamers in their channels. Command edit rather than add; or edit the command from the Cloudbot dashboard. Command edit rather than add; or edit the command from the Chatbot dashboard.

Limiting the amount of song requests for a viewer per session​

Your stream will have a more distinctive atmosphere due to Streamlabs chatbot’s bespoke instructions, leading to more audience engagement. Fourth, locate RivaTunerStatisticsServer in the system tray and right-click it to bring up the contextual menu where you can choose “display.” Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when right-clicking your Chatbot Shortcut. The chatbot could have been flagged as a virus by Windows Defender.

  • Timers can be an important help for your viewers to anticipate when certain things will happen or when your stream will start.
  • Search Provider – This is where the bot will send song requests.
  • Just select what categories you want to restrict the request to.
  • Click the «Save» button at the bottom of the menu to save the settings.
  • Feel free to stop by one of my streams to say hi.
  • Hit Apply and try to launch the bot, the setup wizard should now be skipped.

It automatically optimizes all of your personalized settings to go live. This streaming tool is gaining popularity because of its rollicking experience. Using this amazing tool requires no initiation charges, but, when you go with a prime plan, you will be charged in a monthly cycle. This displays your latest tweet in your chat and requests users to retweet it. This only works if your Twitch name and Twitter name are the same. There are some other settings that you may want to consider when settings up song request with Night bot.

Game Specific Commands

In this section, we would like to introduce you to the features of Streamlabs Chatbot and explain what the menu items on the left side of the plug-in are all about. The setup of your own Streamlabs chatbot is successfully completed. Now login with the credentials of your chatbot account. For a better understanding, we would like to introduce you to the individual functions of the Streamlabs chatbot. Adding the current song to the secondary playlist.


We have included an streamlabs song request commandal line at the end to let viewers know what game the streamer was playing last. Streamlabs Chatbot’s Command feature is very comprehensive and customizable. For example, you can change the stream title and category or ban certain users. In this menu, you have the possibility to create different Streamlabs Chatbot Commands and then make them available to different groups of users. This way, your viewers can also use the full power of the chatbot and get information about your stream with different Streamlabs Chatbot Commands.

  • Using this command will return the local time of the streamer.
  • By using a cheap audio splitter cable, you can feed both your microphone output and your song-player output into the same microphone input.
  • This is a popular chatbot that allows you to add any command you want to the stream.
  • It offers random announcements in stream, can create your own virtual currency, blocks abusive chat and much more.
  • Auto moderating chat is easy and possible with Xanbot.
  • Lora is a chatty streamer who likes playing games both on maximum difficulty and just casually.

In case a mistake was made, it also saves a full history of a streamer’s chat logs. This allows the user to go back and see filtered messages, or discover why a user was banned. Again, the streamer must use Cloudbot and have song requests enabled in order for the song request command to work.

This grabs the last 3 users that followed your channel and displays them in chat. Not to mention the software and all of its features are completely free. It also has a wide selection of songs in multiple genres. Twitch has opened up the platform to allow artists to submit their music for use.

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How to stream on Twitch: Everything you need to get started.

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It offers random announcements in stream, can create your own virtual currency, blocks abusive chat and much more. It’s one of the few bots to feature the option to see who has unfollowed your profile, though it’s fair to say that many people might not want that option. Let your viewers choose the tunes that play on your stream. Viewers can choose songs from YouTube or SoundCloud, and there are also playlists available to play when there are no more requested songs. Having a lurk command is a great way to thank viewers who open the stream even if they aren’t chatting. A lurk command can also let people know that they will be unresponsive in the chat for the time being.